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Cimar Stratocaster®Japan Ibanez-Hoshino Corp. Cimar was an Ibanez company that manufactured guitars during the 1970s. These guitars were made in Japan. They used the same manufacturing facilities as Ibanez and used the name Obrazek"Cimar," or "Cimar by Ibanez," on the head. Like Ibanez at the time, the majority, if not all Cimar products, were copies of American guitars, primarily Gibson and Fender instruments. Cimar, and also "Axestar" guitars, were a marketing device. They enabled retailers to buy "Ibanez" product without becoming full-fledged Ibanez dealers. They were sold through wholesalers with no franchise requirements. The factory that built Ibanez guitars (Cimar and Axestar), also built many other brands. Westone, Roland synth guitars and the original Fender Japanese product all came from the same factory. Sure it was one of Ibanez's cheaper brands, but Obrazekby today's standards - this outshines any recent Strat - hands down. So the Cimar by Ibanez replica of the 1970's. Well, it is vintage, but it is also a replica of one the existing famous USA brand guitars in this case the Fender Stratocaster. This particular Cimar Strat works and sounds great. It's rich, beautifull sound with long sustain. It contains standard hardtail bridge (It's very OK), strings thru body. Sound is full of treble and bass. The neck and the action are the strong points of this guitar, just beautiful to play as good to play as a USA Fender. It has had a long life over 35 years but everything is holding together very well. It is a very Obrazektought unit. This guitar will suit all strat players. The action is pretty good and it has great tone. It's a nice guitar from Japan. Great, solid body. I don't know wood, but's it sounds like basswood, maybe some kind of alder. Japanesse 82 solid body, maple neck. It is standard Strat copy with 5 way switch, single volume and 2 tone controls. The tone controls works as it should. This guitar includes an ergonomic 21 fret maple neck with maple fretboard, frets are medium size. Tuners are good - now replaced by original Kluson vintage style and holds tune very well. Construction is bolt-on. Overall, this guitar will suit all strat players. The Cimar is what it is - certainly cheap but ultimately a reliable and good quality copy - that with a few bucks spent on it, will make a good fun guitar. There is no reason anyone could give me to suggest this will not record well. In fact it does so and does so very well. It is hard to be too critical when it is such a good value Japanese made guitar. To the majority of the listening public, an electric guitar is an electric guitar. It's in the playing, not the equipment.


MODEL NAME: Cimar Stratocaster® japan IBANEZ Hoshino Corp.Japan

SN: K820276

FACTORY: Fuji Gen Gakki - Japan

SERIES: Vintage Strat – hardtail -Japan


BODY: Contoured Basswood (or Alder)

NECK: Maple, “C” Shape,

MACHINE HEADS: Kluson vintage Style Tuning Machines

FINGERBOARD: Maple, 7.25” Radius (184 mm)

NO. OF FRETS: 21 Medium jumbo Frets

PICKUPS: 2x fender ceramic magnet bar single coils (Neck and Middle( + Fender American HOT Alnico 3 Strat Single-Coil Pickup USA (Bridge),

CONTROLS: Master Volume,

Tone 1. (Neck and Middle Pickups),

Tone 2. (Bridge Pickup)

BRIDGE: Japan Vintage Hardtail

PICKUP SWITCHING: 5-Position Blade, Special Switching:

Position 1. Full Bridge Pickup (Lead Tone Control)

Position 2. Middle Pickup and Front Coil of Bridge Humbucking(Rhyt./ Lead)

Position 3. Middle Pickup (Rhythm Tone Control)

Position 4. Neck and Middle Pickup (Rhythm Tone Control)

Position 5. Neck Pickup (Rhythm Tone Control)


STRINGS: D´Addario EXL110 (.010 - .046)


SCALE LENGTH: 25.5” (648 mm)

Weighs: 3,3 kg / 7.3 lbs.


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